Teen Mom Jenelle Evans insists fans are ‘happy’ she’s back with ‘abusive’ husband David- but followers disagree

  • Updated: 26 Mar 2020, 15:52

TEEN MOM alum Jenelle Evans claimed that fans are happy she and David Eason got back together – but that couldn't be farther from the truth.

She also revealed she had fallen out of love with her husband before they decided to give things a second chance.

8 Jenelle claimed that people are happy she is giving her marriage a second chanceCredit: Instagram
8 However, fans are still slamming her for it

In an exclusive interview with Hollywood Life, Jenelle talked about her relationship with her husband and how they're making it work after so many mean words were exchanged.

She told the media brand in a statement: "There are some people who are being critical about us getting back together, but there are also a lot more supporters messaging and reaching out.

"Fans are happy that I decided to work out my marriage and save it rather than throwing it away immediately."

8 Fans mainly hate David because she claimed he was abusive and him admitting that he killed the family petCredit: Instagram

The mother of three also revealed that one of the ways they are working things out is by talking about what made them separate in the beginning.

She said: "I’ve had long talks to David about why we had fallen out of love – [he] keep opinions to himself, and [we] discuss a disagreement before it turns into an argument."

8 This fan criticized the fact that she accused him of domestic violence before saying it wasn't true

However, even though a few people have commented on Jenelle's relationship and wished them both happiness and health, many fans are against their relationship.

After news broke of them getting back together and quarantining together due to the coronavirus pandemic sweeping through the nation, one person wrote: "You should be social distancing from David and by distancing I mean running the eff away!"

One person criticized the fact that she accused her baby daddy of domestic abuse and then backtracked on it.

The person wrote: "Her children will be in therapy for life. CPS failed her children & she should be charged & jailed for perjury.

"Her affidavits prove that domestic violence is clearly a joke to Jenelle and her dog killing husband."

8 This fan compared David to the coronavirus
8 This fan said neither of them is ok for wanting to keep their relationship going

Another fan compared David to the coronavirus and said: "No matter how many times you wash […] your virus man will be always be around. Attacking your children and killing animals.

"You will never get rid of yours. However the rest of us will come out fine at the end of this."

And another fan claimed that neither "her or him are right in the head" for restarting their relationship.

8 Jenelle ran away from David last year with her three childrenCredit: Instagram

Just a few days ago, the 28-year-old finally admitted she was back together with David and even claimed he “never abused her” despite filing a restraining order against him.

The former Teen Mom 2 star revealed in a YouTube Q&A on Saturday that she and David “are deciding to work this out right now.”

8 The couple is back togetherCredit: Instagram

She explained in the video: “Me and him are deciding to work this out right now. We’re taking it slowly."

Jenelle revealed she was the first one to reach out: “I said, ‘I’m sorry… I think we ended things abruptly. I think we need to try to work things out for our family and marriage’ and he said, ‘Okay.’ He did come visit 2-3 times.

She continued: "I told him things have got to change. We cannot be unhappy. We need to start communicating. We have to sort it out.

"Things got so bad into our relationship where I was so unhappy that I needed to come out of it. The only way to come out of it was to distance myself. I realized that’s not what I wanted and I wanted to work out my marriage. I didn’t want another failed marriage.”

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