Rio Ferdinand’s son Lorenz breaks his arm in coronavirus isolation – for the third time in eight months

RIO Ferdinand's son Lorenz has broken his arm for the third time in eight months.

The 13-year-old schoolboy was left unable to take part in Joe Wicks' PE classes during coronavirus isolation as a result of the accident.

Kate and Rio have been homeschooling the kids during the coronavirus pandemicCredit: Getty – Contributor

Rio's wife Kate Ferdinand told fans that while 11-year-old Tate and Tia, eight, were joining in as usual, Lorenz had to sit it out, saying: "One of them's got a broken their arm."

Rio, 41, added: "Third break in eight months."

Earlier this evening, Lorenz could be seen with his arm in a large white cast as Kate filmed the three children and their dad taking part in #ClapForCarers at 8pm.

The footballer could be seen leading the celebration of our NHS workers from the family living room, with all three children's backs to the camera.

Lorenz's arm could be seen in a cast in a video from this evening
His [far right] arm was not in a cast just days agoCredit:'s arm was also broken at Christmas, with it wrapped in a bright blue cast for the Ferdinands' festive group photo that was shared on Boxing Day last year


Comparing the snap to their 2018 efforts, which featured the children doing gymnastics, Kate wrote at the time: "No handstands this year as we have a broken arm."

Rio and Kate have been documenting their efforts to homeschool the three kids after schools were closed down last Friday due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The schoolboy's arm was also broken at Christmas
Kate is stepmum to Rio's three children
Kate Ferdinand reveals she’s the ‘strict one’ as she and Rio homeschool his kids

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