Lizzie Cundy’s ex-lover splits from his fiancée for SECOND TIME and sets up home with her daughter

Lizzie Cundy’s ex-lover has split up with his fiancée for a second time and set up home with her 21-year-old daughter.

In complicated web, millionaire nightclub boss Jeremy Gordeno was dating Candice Hodge, 40, but moved on to Ms Cundy before he struck up a close friendship with  Candice’s daughter, Francesca.

He then returned to Miss Hodge just before Christmas and asked her to marry him during a sun-kissed Caribbean break over the New Year.

But in a further twist, Miss Hodge dramatically called off their engagement after the holiday and now Mr Gordeno has rekindled his relationship with Francesca.  

Speaking to MailOnline, Candice said she is ‘shattered and disgusted’ with her daughter and former lover. 

Millionaire nightclub boss Jeremy Gordeno (pictured this week) has re-kindled his romance with 21-year-old Francesca Hodge (left)

Candice (right) and Gordeno (centre) are pictured together with Candice’s daughter, who the nightclub boss is said to have grown close to despite their 32-year age gap

Candice and Gordeno got engaged just before Christmas and he whisked her away to Antigua to celebrate that and New Year together (they are pictured celebrating the New Year together)


‘If he can’t have me, then he wants to have my daughter,’ Candice said.

‘I am absolutely disgusted at what he is doing. I called off the engagement, but we remained friends.

I had no idea what was going on until I went to his flat to help him move in and asked to see the spare room. He would not let me in, but I pushed in anyway and saw Francesca’s clothes.

‘I just could not believe it. Francesca and I are no longer talking and I want nothing more to do with her. She is just blinded by love and can’t see that she is being used by him to get back at me.’

Gordeno and Francesca have been spotted together living at a £1m love nest in Weybridge, Surrey.  The property is the former home of Girls Aloud star Nicola Roberts.

Gordeno and Francesca have been spotted together at a £1m love nest in Weybridge, Surrey (Gordeno is pictured walking through Surrey this week)

Gordeno was pictured at the wheel of 21-year-old Francesca Hodge’s Fiat 500 car this week – even though he has two months of a drink drive ban to serve

Ms Cundy dumped Gordeno over his friendship with Francesca and this photo of her sitting on the nightclub entrepreneur’s lap emerged, prompting the TV star to take decisive action 

The pair now share the former home of Girls Aloud star Nicola Roberts (pictured) with the engagement to Francesca’s mum Candice called off

Mr Gordeno was this week pictured near the home at the wheel of her Fiat 500 car – even though he has two months of a drink drive ban to serve.

He was also flouting the law by talking on his mobile phone as he drove through Surrey.

It is the second time Hodge, a dog groomer from Esher, Surrey, has been dumped by her millionaire lover for her own daughter. 

Candice Hodge (left) arrived at court wearing a black coat, black blouse and black skirt in February as she was given a two-year restraining order for threatening and abusing WAG Lizzie Cundy (right)

Ms Cundy (left) and Candice’s fiance Gordeno (right) were together for ten months before she dumped him when he struck up a close friendship with Candice’s daughter, 21 

Miss Hodge revealed last October she was no longer on speaking terms with Francesca after she began a secret affair with her boyfriend.

While the pair were locked in dispute, Ms Hodge was also at war with former WAG Ms Cundy, 50, who dated Gordeno for over a year.

Candice, pictured on holiday with Francesca, right, previously admitted she was angry with her daughter for becoming close to Gordeno after she was with him for two years

MailOnline revealed the TV personality ended their relationship when she discovered he was seeing Francesca when photos emerging of her perched on his knee during a night out.

Mr Gordeno was seeing Hodge and Cundy at the same time leading to a love triangle that became even more complicated when Francesca was involved.

Their rivalry culminated last month in Ms Hodge being given a two-year restraining order for harassing the TV star.

Ms Hodge sent abusive text messages to her rival and was accused of verbally abusing her during a confrontation at Mr Gordeno’s £5m Hampshire mansion.

Speaking after her conviction at Aldershot Magistrate’s Court, Hodge revealed she had got engaged before Christmas and showed off a £10,000 diamond ring.

She said her fiancé flew her to Antigua in the Caribbean to celebrate their engagement.

But within weeks of the court hearing Candice said she called a halt to their relationship saying it was ‘too abusive’.

‘I want nothing more to do with him and I don’t want my daughter anywhere near him,’ She said,

Breaking down in tears, she added: ‘Francesca will not listen to me. We do not talk anymore and I just wish she would see him for what he is. He uses people. I don’t want her to be with him.

‘After the court hearing I knew I had to end out relationship as it was not healthy. I called it off, but we remained friends. I had no idea that my daughter had moved in with him.’

Mr Gordeno and Francesca were unavailable for comment.

The 50-year-old WAG was posing for a photoshoot at her then-boyfriend Jeremy Gordeno’s £5million mansion in Hampshire (above) when love rival Candice Hodge burst in and ruined it  

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