Hollyoaks’ Grace will be new village villain after murdering Liam predict fans who have to wait a WEEK for next episode

HOLLYOAKS' fans are "gutted" they have to wait a week for the next episode as they predict Grace is about to become the new village villain.
Last night's viewers of the Channel 4 soap were left shocked when Grace Black murdered her own brother Liam Donovan.

The shocking moment when Grace lets Liam fall to his death on HollyoaksCredit: Lime Pictures

"Sooo grace will get away with killing yet another person/brother… Liam deserved wayyyyy better," wrote one Twitter user.

Another wrote: "Grace needs to go to prison now for a very long time. And James. Hope they rot."

Other Twitter users pointed out Grace – played by actress – Tamara Wall –  has a long history of murdering her family members.

"Hope Grace turns herself in. She killed all her brothers and I want her to rot in jail for the rest of her life. Forgave her for Jesse, but she could have given Liam another chance. He was grieving for his brother who she drove to death. And she just kills him as well," wrote one disgruntled Hollyoaks fan.

Some viewers think Liam might not actually be deadCredit: Lime Pictures
Mercedes and Grace look shocked after Liam is murdered by his half-sisterCredit: Lime Pictures
Grace was fed up with Liam's scheming way and wanted to protect MercedesCredit: LIMEPICTURES

A second added: "So Grace has lost Tracey, Fraser, Clare, Trevor, Adam, Jesse, Liam… Her family doesn't have the best survival rate."

Last night's viewers were left in shock as they watched Grace get fed up with Liam's revenge schemes and so when he tried to kill her, so she ended him instead.

He lured his sister, Mercedes McQueen, James Nightingale and Maxine Minniver to the pub for his devils' dinner party after exposing that Grace and James were the two who really shot Mercedes.

He then gave her his gun and an ultimatum –  shoot Grace and everyone else walks free.

Fans have to wait a week to find out what will happen to GraceCredit: Channel 4

Warren Fox then broke in to save them and gave most of them a chance to escape, but at the last moment Liam grabbed Mercedes and was about to kill her before Grace punched him away.

Grabbing his tie she stopped him from falling to his death into the cellar – but only for a second.

"You have gone too far, you have to stop. I'm not a Donovan – I'm a Black," she said as she let go off his tie and sent him plummeting to his death.

Grace has a bit of a history with killing people including, shooting MercedesCredit: LIMEPICTURES

Grace – a notorious gangster – has a bit of reputation for knocking of her family members but despite her evil ways, not everyone wants to see her gone from the show.

"I hope they don't lose Grace or isolate the character too much. As hateful as she can be, the character is fantastically camp and entertaining," wrote one Twitter user.

"No other actress in the cast can do both drama and comedy as effortlessly as Tamara Wall does. Maybe they will move James in with her."

Another added: "Liam had multiple chances at redemption in the story and failed every single one. At least Grace somewhat turned a corner. She still has her dark moments but she's more nice character wise than what Liam was."

Tamara Wall has played Grace since 2013Credit: Lime Pictures

As shocking as the episode's final minutes were, fans will have to wait a whole week to see if Grace really will become the new local villain.

Channel 4 halted production on the popular soap on Monday to prevent the further spread of coronavirus, it will only air twice a week to not run out of episodes before they can start production again.

"Why does it only have to be 3 times a week now, gutted," wrote one Twitter user.

A second wrote: "I was not expecting that!! Well played!! Am gutted I’ve now gotta wait til next week to find out the aftermath!"


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