Britney Spears claims she’s beaten the 100m record by four seconds and can run faster than Usain Bolt

  • Updated: 26 Mar 2020, 18:01

BRITNEY Spears today claimed to have run 100 metres in less than six seconds – making her the fastest athlete on the planet.

The singer-turned-runner's as-yet-unverified achievement would put her way ahead of the likes of Usain Bolt, who completed the distance in a meagre 9.58 seconds.

7 Britney Spears today claimed to have smashed the world speed recordCredit: Getty Images

Toxic singer Britney, 38, told fans she usually manages the feat in six or seven seconds but today broke the barrier and did it in just over five.

Posting on Instagram, she wrote: "Ran my first 5 !!!! Getting over your fear of pushing it in the beginning is key… once I did that I hit 5 !!!!!

"Usually I run 6 or 7… my first try was 9… and now I did it whoop !!!!! 100 meter dash 🏃🏼‍♀️🌸💕😉 !!!!!"

And to prove it, she posted her time, of 5.97 – though many fans were a little sceptical about her record-breaking claim.

7 Sprinter Usain Bolt has lost his title if the singer is to be believedCredit: Getty – Contributor
7 Britney posted 'evidence' of her 100m record – showing a time of 5.97Credit: Instagram
7 She is famously a fitness fanatic and often posts pictures of her training hardCredit: Instagram
7 Britney posted about her achievement on her official Instagram page

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